these shoes taste nothing like birds

by leipzig meuten / floordweller

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a naked like honey
male ribs, womb of woman,
under useless breasts.
stretching: skin falls
between intercostal spaces.
we dangle from branches,
stressed under the weight.
creaking for their mothers -
where did they go?
we used to be so beautiful
the grass cant reach the children's toes.


released July 28, 2016



all rights reserved


floordweller Minneapolis, Minnesota

the devil and sam

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Track Name: a house
a bra undone. private pales, soaked in sunlight, conform to the hues of her skin clouded with bruises. i have no nakedness to unveil. foreclosed torso. no, she doesn't live there anymore. the sun has never seen these parts of your body.
Track Name: bruiser
i'm at a loss
i'm at a crossroads now
but my phone's dead
and i'm jealous
of it
Track Name: bathes asia
i would turn my body
into windows, but i know
youll just jump out again.
chest chapels for
my hospital head. my
back has become piles of
hospital beds. andrew!
andrew! where do you
go when i talk to you?

so beautiful.
sew beautiful.

inhale pillows, you're drowning.
i buried my wife
into her wedding dress.
well wishing / wasting quarters.
we wear this bed
pretending warmth
& flaccid locks.

armpit eclipse.
ribcage rise with breath.
clinging cologne
& clothes on the floor.

her pale
ripples around my fingers.
unmade beds / sweating
limp leftovers longing.

this house is a garden
where we grow
without windows / without water
without words / without witness
we withdraw to the floorboards.
'forget me' knots your novels!
(i can't read your handwriting)

arching spines:
like firewood.
a naked
only he knows.

my clothes cough limbs
too long to climb.
ive overgrown these sleeves.
blushing tightly. birds our window!
curtain wings drawn
as hiding places
Track Name: i miss oak creek falls
Track Name: the bones
oh well , i guess this was your first chance
and well, let's take off our pants
all we'll see
are clear glass figurines
nothing's ever as
it should be
but what
should be
oh well, all i can ask of you
is to
skin me
Track Name: come home
where the forest ends, and skin begins, an ocean is perspired. gritting teeth / gripping sheets. nervously grazing; hair stands in poor posture. trading exhales and fever dreams; before we shut our eyes to each other. knowing well, this is not love.
Track Name: olivia
holding the ashes of the house she had grown. "there is no room in the ground for us." she said that the seas are wasted on an undeserving earth. no exhales. chrysanthemums bloom from her pores. pedals she left behind rot in remembrance of the beauty they were. everything realized too late.
Track Name: skin trying
we bathe in fevers.
gazing angelic
& sun-starved.

exile the world from your naked:
angels are silence in this bed.
suddenly sisters in ashes
worn as if skin.

collecting hunger
to keep your beauty:
a uniform of famine.

heads filled forgetful &
bibles bound by fractures.
gasping raptures
from broken jaws
& defeated lungs.

ships bedridden:
hard-ons worn backwards.
parents plead our baby pictures
but are only promised patients.

please keep your dreams under your sheets. all these teeth wont
fit under my pillow. suck toothpaste back through your teeth. (it's not the only thing slipping out!) i have no monsters under my bed (just fire.)
she prays with her elbows on the bed. she wont sabotage suicides
to have this baby. she belongs to her
stretch marks.

take the dog out back! dont let the children see. i'll tell them he ran away when you burry him with the others.
these shoes taste nothing like birds (you lied to me). we were tucked into the same skin trying to fill our mouths with songs that only God was supposed to hear: FIRE PLACES ARE NOT HIDING PLACES!

no water, i don't want life.
spirit, the sirens ring for me.
– "somebody is going to
find whatever you decide
to leave behind."
so i never saw her again